Company and group English courses in Prague

Who is JIRI and what he offers in 93 seconds

Jiri as:

Jirka jako člověk

A person

  • Surf enthusiast
  • Yoga instructor
  • Husband of a Colombian
  • Singer and a musician
  • Passionate traveller
  • Student of Spanish
  • He likes different cultures

A professional

  • English teacher, trainer and a course creator
  • Master’s degree in English language and literature
  • 11 years of professional experience
  • CELTA certification
  • Teaches in the UK and Czechia
  • Satisfaction of tens of Czech companies
  • Teaches children, teenagers and adults

Company courses

Wide range of courses:

  • General English, Conversation Courses, Exam Preparation Courses, English for Specific Purposes
  • Groups and individuals

Course structure:

  • Before the course: setting goals with the client, needs analysis and placing students in appropriate classes
  • During the course: monitoring the progress of individual students, sharing information with the client via email
  • After the course: final evaluation, written feedback sent to the client with suggestions for further development


  • Thorough administration available online
  • Classes take place in your company or in a pre-agreed location in Prague

Group Courses

Group English Courses Prague 2019 / 2020

  • Communicative courses focused on speaking, pronunciation and grammar
  • Small groups (maximum of 8 students)
  • Content and time tailored to the needs of the group
  • Classes take place in a chosen location in Prague
  • Contact us for current times and availability

Course prices:

  • 3950 CZK per semester (32 lessons) a group with up to 8 students
  • 4750 CZK per semester (32 lessons) a group with up to 4 students
  • Free trial lesson

Experiential Course “Talking Cultures”

  • Be a member of an international community of students
  • An experiential course, each class on a different topic
  • Cooperative games, yoga in English
  • Problem-solving activities, improv, video calls, board games
  • Ideal for students who want to learn by immersion

Course price:

  • 4350 CZK per semester (32 lessons) a group with up to 8 students
  • Free trial lesson

4 cornerstones of my teaching

Feeling good

Students often feel shy or even blocked when speaking English. That is why I always focus on creating a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, encouraging students to celebrate their achievements and to welcome mistakes as opportunities for further growth.

Progressive teaching methods

Diverse, interactive classes and use of modern technology. Focus on pronunciation and maximum time spent on speaking. Useful techniques to keep up learning English regularly outside of the classroom.

Individual needs

Students and their specific needs are always in the centre of the learning. Textbooks for structural types of students and individual plans for students who enjoy having greater freedom of choice.

Real-world English

Practical English that you can use right away. Real-world situations which you find yourself in every day. From business to having a night out with your friends.


Watch this video and find out what Greg (Youtube presenter for Cambridge), Tereza (Cambridge examiner) and Carlos (language school owner) say about me.